Our Approach

The 4 Pillars of Success


We have a different approach to most other Microsoft Partners.


We use a specific mentoring and training methodology that has been designed with principals forged from many years of experience working with Microsoft Business Applications.


Microsoft provides such a wonderful array of technologies that all business can benefit from greatly.


However, it pays to be cautious. To ensure the right guidance is sort and the right decisions are made at the beginning, during and after deploying your shiny new Microsoft solution. 


With so many options, organizations can easily get overwhelmed or neglect important decisions before embarking on the project. 


Technology and Training Solutions (TTS) was born from recognizing that this is a challenge for many organizations.


Therefore, we designed our four step '4 Pillars Of Success' for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. An approach to helping organizations successfully adopt and embrace Microsoft Business Applications. 




What are the 'Four Pillars of Success'?




Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform are a vast collection of technologies and components.

Where most organizations come undone is failure to recognize What's Important!

For example, what are the bits that need looking after, and what and the bits that can be ignored.

Lets take a realistic view of a common scenario out in the field...


The Scenario


1. An organization makes the decision to implement a solution built on Microsoft Business Apps (Dynamics, Power Platform etc.). Yay! bring on the efficiency and productivity gains!

2. The organization either chooses to outsource the meat of the project to a vendor or take a crack at it themselves with an internal project team.

3. Throughout the development of the solution, many different people work on the project.

4. There is little time for documentation and people come and go (sound familiar?).

4. The solution goes live.

5. The outsource vendor and the project people move on.

6. The organization is responsible to further evolve and support the solution as their business grows and processes change.


The Problem


How are they expected to do this when they don't know what they've got or how its been done...!!?


The first step for any organization that finds themselves in this situation is to identity what they've got!


A solution in the Power Platform can contain many different types of components. Identifying the ones that you are responsible for and putting a change management strategy around these is paramount to successfully owning and living with Microsoft Business Applications.


As part of the Identify phase a detailed 'Review and Audit' process uncovers whats important.


There is a second part to the Identify phase. The need to take into consideration key end users and technical users skills and any other organization culture parameters that need to feed into the Planning phase.




Once what's important has been identified. Its time to devise a detailed plan around each component.

This includes methodologies for Change Management, Governance, and User Adoption. This is our secret sauce and therefore cant talk too much here about our methods. However, the outcome is a tailored, overall holistic strategy that allows the organization to smoothly adopt and live with solutions built with Microsoft Business Applications.

We work with internal teams to prepare and implement a proactive strategy to manage the risks that is associated with Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.




The next stage is to work with internal teams to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's). The process takes into consideration organization culture, existing business processes, user needs, solution specifics and customization. 

Gaining best return on investment that you will not get from generic technology training or training courses that follow the 'one-size-fits-all' Microsoft curriculum.

Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform is implemented differently for every organization on the planet. Your solution is specific to you are your organization and therefore you need a strategy the recognizes this. 




Armed with the tailored strategies above, the Adopt phase includes running targeted User Adoption training for your end-users and technical teams.

Learning from experienced MCT's with context specific training ensures maximum impact. With options to deliver as online, private or classroom delivery.

We can also build self-paced Hands-on Labs as a self-paced repeatable solution.  

Up-skilling your users is the fastest way to improve on outcomes. Everyone is engaged and has insight, taking ownership internally if financially beneficial compared to outsourcing to a vendor or Microsoft Partner.   



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