3 Days
Information Worker \ Power User
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
Delivery Method
Online Live Class
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This course is designed for citizen developers and technical users, providing the skills required to gain insights into data held within the Dataverse, create custom reports, custom visualizations and implement the Artificial Intelligence features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.

Module 1: Introduction

This module introduces the concept of building an analytics environment for gaining insights into data held within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Dataverse. You will learn about the tools and resources that are available as well as best practice methodologies and fundamentals.


  • Objectives
  • Analytics Overview
  • Tools and Possibilities
  • SQL Reports
  • Power BI
  • Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence and Copilot
  • The Power Platform AI Models

Lab 1: Analytics Orientation

  • Set up your Lab
  • Configure your Analytics environment


Module 2: Analytics Options

This module presents the various options available in Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform for analyzing data.  


  • Objectives
  • SQL Reports and the Dataverse
  • Connecting Power BI to the Dataverse
  • Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence and Copilot
  • The Power Platforn AI Models and AI Builder

Lab 1: Exploring analytics in Dynamics 365

  • Explore Reporting capabilities
  • Explore Insights
  • Explore the Power BI integration
  • Explore the AI Models
  • Explore Dynamics 365 AI Capabilities and Copilot


Module 3: SQL Reports with Dataverse Data

In this module you will learn about the process to create custom reports, how to configure your reporting environment and how to use the different tools available for building custom SQL reports that connect to data in the Dataverse.


  • Objectives
  • Introduction to custom Reporting
  • The TDS Endpoint
  • Setting up the environment
  • Building custom Reports in SQL

Lab 1: Set up your Reporting Environment

  • Configure the Environment
  • Connect to the Dataverse using the TDS Endpoint

Lab 2: Create a custom Report

  • Create a custom SQL report from Dataverse data


Module 4: Power BI Reports and Dashboards

In this module you will learn how to connect Power BI to Dynamics 365, bring data from the Dataverse into Power BI, build custom Power BI reports and dashboards, and surface Power BI Dashboards inside Dynamics 365 Apps and Power Apps.


  • Objectives
  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Connecting Power BI to the Dataverse
  • Building a dataset in Power BI
  • Creating Power BI Dashboards
  • Sharing and surfacing Power BI Dashboards

Lab 1: Set up your Power BI Environment

  • Configure Power BI and connect to the Dataverse

Lab 2: Build a Power BI dashboard

  • Build your Power BI Dataset
  • Create a custom dashboard
  • Share and surface in Dynamics 365


Module 5: Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence

This module introduces you to the AI features of Dynamics 365. You will learn how to configure Sales Insights and Customer Service Insights for Dynamics 365. This module also introdcues Copilot, a new AI tool built into Dynamics 365 that can help organizations leverage next generation AI features and natural language processing to increase effciencies.   


  • Objectives
  • Introduction to Dynamics 365 Insights and Copilot
  • Configure and deploy Sales Insights
  • Configure and deploy Customer Service Insights
  • CoPilot with Dynamics 365 Sales
  • CoPilot with Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • CoPiot with Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • CoPilot with Business Central
  • CoPilot with Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM 

Lab 1: Set up Sales Insights

  • Configuring the Sales Insights Dashboards

Lab 2: Set up Customer Service Insights

  • Configuring the Customer Service Insights Dashboards


Module 6: AI Models

This module introduces you to the AI Builder in the Power Platform. You will learn how to utilize the AI Builder to build AI Models that showcase practical implementation of Document processing, Object Detection, Prediction, Text Classification and Entity Extraction.


  • Objectives
  • Introduction to the AI Builder
  • Document Processing
  • Object Detection
  • Prediction
  • Text Classification
  • Entity Extraction

Lab 1: Implement Document Processing

  • Configuring the AI Builder
  • Build a Document Processing AI Model

Lab 2: Implement Object Detection

  • Configuring the AI Builder
  • Build an Object Detection AI Model

Lab 3: Implement Prediction

  • Configuring the AI Builder
  • Build a Prediction AI Model

Lab 4: Implement Text Classification

  • Configuring the AI Builder
  • Build a Text Classification AI Model

Lab 5: Implement Entity Extraction

  • Configuring the AI Builder
  • Build an Entity Extraction AI Model




Students should have an existing working knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft .Net and Microsoft SQL Server. As a minimum, students should attend the prerequisite course ‘Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365’.